How do I use the Biopac System?

How do I use the biopac computer in DBIC to collect psychophysiological data during scanning?

Hello Luke @ljchang,

This is actually the question I’d like to ask and would appreciate answers from your lab!
My understanding is that the biopac is from your lab, the cosan lab.
We’re planning to scan pilot participants with the Biopac and wonder if we could use your lab’s equipment.

I have some questions:

  • Who is the point person for biopac management in your lab?
  • Is there existing code that we could use? We do have a biopac matlab function in our lab, however, there might be certain configurations that you’ve already set up for the DBIC scanner suite and would appreciate if you could point us to existing code.
  • Anything you’d want us to be mindful of when using the biopac?

Thank you,

Hi @heejung, thanks’s for bumping this. Some of the equipment is from our lab, but we also got a little bit of money from the department. Please think of this as part of the DBIC resources just like the response boxes or the head coil. We don’t have a point person for the biopac equipment, but you could ask pretty much anyone from our lab about how to use it including: @jcheong0428, @ejolly, or Amanda Brandt. Hopefully, one of them can contribute some important information about how to use it here.

Thank you @ljchang for the helpful response! The head coil analogy helps.
I’ll reach out to Jin, Eshin, or Amanda.
Will contribute to the biopac documentation as I move along as well. Thank you again!