Recommendations for tradespeople and services

Where do you go when you need an electrician, plumber, car mechanic, contractor, painter, handyperson, or other skilled tradespeople? What services do you use for electricity, gas/oil, water, waste disposal, pest control, internet, phone, and other household needs? Share your favorites (or warn us about bad experiences) in this topic!

Utilities are tricky depending where you live as most places don’t have a lot of options (if any).

Flooring: Bucci recommended browns floor masters and we had a great experience with them for refinishing a wood floor.

Car mechanic: We have had a great experience at Redline Motorsports in hartland. I think they specialize in european cars, but will work on anything. They don’t do bodywork.

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We have a really good contractor/handyman here in Rumney – he basically redid the entire house we’re living in (and you should have seen it before!). He may charge a little more to come out to Lebanon, and/or he may know others in the area, but let me know if you’re interested and I can get you his contact info

Does anyone have a good suggestion for a tax accountant in the upper valley? I’ve typically used software before, but this year my situation is more complicated so I’m considering looking for an actual person.