The code for downloading the data does not work and there are two pakeges that I don’t know about them. “nipype” two times has been written. Of" pynv " I cound not find anything about on the internet. Is there this pakege?!

Hi @Masoud, sorry to hear you are having trouble installing everything. You actually probably won’t need nipype for any of the tutorials anymore as i removed these a couple of years ago when we switched to fmriprep for preprocessing. However, nipype is a great tool for making custom pipelines. I recommend this excellent tutorial if you are interested in learning more about it.

Pynv is a package to help facilitate uploading and downloading data from neurovault, which is used in a few examples. To install pynv, try:
pip install pynv.

You can also install all of the packages in the requirements.txt file using:
pip install -r requirements.txt

We won’t be able to help you with your issues downloading data without more information about the errors you are encountering. Datalad can be a little confusing to use at times, but it has excellent documentation including many tutorials in the user handbook

Thank you very much. I just installed pynv and other packages separately except for nipype. Apparently, I have all packages needed for the course. In the next phase, do I have to install fmriprep on my mac?

You will not need fmriprep for the dartbrains course, but I do recommend it if you want to run preprocessing on your own data. If you do end up choosing to install it, I recommend going with their instructions on using their prebuilt containers.