Dartmouth NSF grant examples

I’m preparing my application for a NSF SBE Postdoctoral Fellowship to fund research at Dartmouth, which requires descriptions of the facilities and other resources. However, I’m new and continuously discovering the campus resources available to facilitate research, not to mention I’ve just started the process of learning about DBIC.

Does anyone have an example NSF application written with Dartmouth as the home institution that they would be willing to share? Although I’ll happily accept full examples (especially SPRFs), I’m specifically looking for facility-specific sections.

Thank you!


Hi @ClareGrall, I’m not comfortable publicly posting my NSF grant materials, but will send them to you privately.

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Thank you so much Luke

i can send you some examples, too :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much, Meghan! My email is Clare.Grall at Dartmouth.

Hi Luke and Meghan, if you’re comfortable with it, would you my sending me these examples as well? I’m also applying for post-doc grants and they’d be a big help. Email is daddleman at dartmouth.

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Just facilities too?