Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning

DCAL (https://dcal.dartmouth.edu/) has a ton of great resources that they can offer to all members of the PBS community regarding career and professional development.

They regularly offer trainings geared towards grad students and post-docs to develop teaching skills, syllabus writing, how to prepare academic application materials (e.g., writing a teaching statement, writing a research statement, what to expect during an academic interview/interview practice). Of particular use are the TA workshops and orientation and the future faculty workshop and learning community.

They have a resource page for new faculty to help develop their teaching.

They also host diversity and inclusivity trainings and panel discussions. For example their Critical Dialogues series gives students from diverse backgrounds (racial minorities, mental health challenges, disabilities) an opportunity to openly talk about their experiences here at Dartmouth.

I recommend browsing the DCAL news and events towards the beginning of each term to see what resources are available. Many of their trainings and discussions are listed in the VOX daily email as well.

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