How do I run a mixed effects regression using Python?

I normally use lme4 package in R to run mixed effects regression models. What are some recommended packages in Python to do this?

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There are several Python packages that can run mixed effects models.

  1. The statsmodels package has a linear mixed effects module. However, the implementation is not as fast or as fully featured as lme4.

  2. The Bayesian Model-Building Interface (BAMBI) package was developed by Jake Westfall and Tal Yarkoni and provides a high-level bayesian model building interface to pymc3. The syntax is designed to be similar to running models in lme4.

  3. Pymer4 was developed by Eshin Jolly and provides a python wrapper to lme4 in R. It is designed to provide the same functionality and interface used in lme4 in R, but using pandas dataframes.

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A comparison between a few of these (and some other) implementations:

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