S3 AU data timepoints


I am working with a team that is trying to compare the fMRI data with the S3 facial action unit data and S4 emotion ratings data.

We’re finding that the facial action data has 1359 timepoints sampled at 0.5Hz/2 seconds, while the fMRI data and emotion ratings data contains 1364 timepoints (or the equivalent thereof for the emotion ratings data sampled at 1Hz).

Do you know where this difference in timepoints might be coming from?

Thanks a bunch for your assistance!

John Andrew

Hi John,

I think this is just a consequence of the data being recorded for varying lengths of time. For example, it’s possible the shorter data ended earlier (i.e., before the credits started). They should be time locked at the beginning, so you should just be able tot take the first 1359 TRs to match the face data.