How do I find out about department events?

Where should I go to find out about various department events? @JuliaAbraham What are the relevant listservs, google calendars, schedules?

The department has a shared google calendar to help keep track of all the various talks/events in the department. It includes events like colloquium, DBIC, B4, SBS, and CBB talks, as well as other events like dissertation defenses as they are scheduled. When available, we’ll add zoom links to each event. Talks are added as email notices are sent out to the department.

You should be able to add this calendar to your own google calendar, or use your Dartmouth google account to check it out.

New PBS faculty, post docs, grad students, and staff are added to our department email distribution lists and these are used to communicate about events (among other things). If you want to check that you are on the email lists contact Michelle Powers.