Data on Jupyterhub is not syncing

Each student runs a virtual server that is accessed via jupyterhub. Our jupyterhub server is managed by @arnsong from Research Computing. Each server mounts an S3 bucket that will copy over data and notebooks from a central cloud storage S3 bucket. Every time you launch your server, data should synchronize with the central storage and copy over any changes. However, sometimes this process doesn’t complete and you will not have the most up to date files. So far this seem to be more likely to occur whenever there is a big change in data (i.e., we upload a large dataset to the central storage).

How do I sync my jupyterhub server?

If you are finding that you are missing files or do not have access to the most up to date notebooks, then you will need to manually run the startup script in your jupyterhub server via a terminal.

  1. Open a new terminal by clicking the New menu and selecting Terminal

  2. Run the /usr/local/share/ script by pasting the command and hitting enter. This should start syncing data between the central S3 bucket and your local storage.